MPP provides update on Kanata-Carleton high tech, business initiative

KANATA-CARLETON – Kanata-Carleton MPP Dr. Merrilee Fullerton is following up the Ontario government’s 2021 budget announcement with an update on local business of her own.

In follow up to the recent Ontario government budget, MPP Merrilee Fullerton released (yesterday) a Fall 2020 snapshot report to residences in Kanata and West Carleton on the progress being made with her Kanata-Carleton’s High Tech and Business Initiative,” MPP staff released in a statement yesterday (Nov. 19).

In March 2019, Dr. Fullerton published a series of strategic objectives for the MPP’s work with the Kanata-Carleton business community. She identified four pillars of sustainability and growth to advance the interests of the high tech sector and greater business community in Kanata and West Carleton: 

  1. Profiling the Kanata North Footprint;
  2. Attracting Venture Capital;
  3. Strengthening Networks with the Education Community;
  4. Extending Broadband, Internet and Cell Services.  

Eighteen months have passed since the local business initiative was made public, and the MPP says she is pleased to know many economic activities are now underway.

 “I set out as a member of provincial parliament to actively promote and support local business enterprises so that our community will continue to be prosperous,” Fullerton released in a statement. “This initiative provides a framework for my collaborative efforts with local business leaders to profile and advance Kanata and West Carleton business interests at Queen’s Park. Our provincial government is focused on providing a sense of certainty with the business community, and I want to project the same sense of certainty for local, Kanata-Carleton businesses. With the many challenges COVID-19 has presented to our business community, it is even more important to have a plan forward.”

Highlights of the MPP’s update include:

  • an established Kanata North Day at Queen’s Park
  • Ontario Premier and senior provincial cabinet ministers touring Kanata businesses
  • Shop Local awareness campaigns
  • work with Invest Ottawa to attract venture capital
  • profile ties between local universities and college and the business community
  • work to extend broadband, Internet and cell services

 “I will continue consulting and working with business owners and executives – and continue to collaborate with business groups,” Fullerton said. “Together, we can raise our collective voices on what is needed for success in our local business community.”

Merrilee Fullerton’s March 2019 document is found here: Kanata-Carleton’s High Tech and Business Initiative. To view the fall snapshot, click here: Kanata-Carleton’s High Tech and Business Initiative – The Fall 2020 Snapshot.