MPP Fullerton calls AMO ‘extremely successful’

OTTAWA – Kanata-Carleton MPP Dr. Merrilee Fullerton says the Association of Municipalities of Ontario a successful week.

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Annual Conference wrapped up in Ottawa today (Aug. 21) and Fullerton is reflecting positively on the discussions that took place over the last four days. Elected municipal representatives had more than 900 formal meetings with their provincial counterparts – and there were thousands of “corridor conversations” on a full range of issues affecting Ontarians.

“Fullerton met with Ottawa area delegations and also conferred with many health care and long-term care representatives who were looking to discuss specific health matters related to the MPPs ministerial portfolio,” the MPP’s staff released in a statement today. “Fullerton’s schedule included meetings with the City of Ottawa delegation led by Mayor Jim Watson, with the Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus to discuss issues in the region’s rural municipalities, and her participation on the panel at the Ontario Ministers’ Forum.”

“This AMO Conference was extremely successful in bringing together mayors and councillors, municipal officials, and provincial organizations,” Fullerton said. “I had many helpful discussions with local community leaders and more than 30 meetings to discuss health care and long-term care matters. I am looking forward to following-up on these discussions and to working closely with City of Ottawa officials and municipal leaders across the province.”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford was the keynote speaker at the AMO Conference.

Premier Ford stated in his address “our government’s relationship with our municipalities is incredibly important to me. That’s why our government is committed to building strong, local partnerships with our municipalities. And that starts with working with municipalities to make historic, strategic and local investments in our schools, hospitals, transit, highways, and other critical infrastructure.”

Premier Ford spoke of the province’s plan over the next 10 years to invest $144 billion dollars in local projects across the province, which includes more than $90 billion alone in public transit and provincial highways. He also related to the municipal leaders the province has forwarded 350 projects to the federal government for key investments in transit, schools and hospitals.

These projects include:

  • 201 transit projects — outside of the GTA
  • 144 road and bridge projects for rural and northern Ontario communities
  • $17 billion to build and renovate our hospitals
  • $13 billion to build new schools, and $1.4 billion to fix existing ones
  • $315 million to improve and expand Internet and cell service into more rural and remote communities

Fullerton highlighted two recent Ontario government announcements in Ottawa.

“The announcement yesterday of the new Orleans Health Hub and the recent support for Phase 2 of the LRT are two indications of the government’s focus to deliver the required services that residents in our growing City of Ottawa need. We face many challenges and we are doing so with significant pressures on our financial capabilities. However, my colleagues at Queen’s Park and I will work with our municipal leaders to ensure Ottawa remains an attractive place to live.”