Modular home another sign of recovery in Dunrobin

DUNROBIN – Because of the nature of off-site modular home building, the scene in Dunrobin Friday (July 5) was similar to a sped-up, time-lapse video of the rebuilding of a community.

Guildcrest Homes spent Friday morning delivering a modular home to Pam Hoar to be completed on her property on Dunrobin Road.

Dunrobin’s Pam Hoar. Courtesy Guildcrest Homes

“The new home is a two-module, 1,128 square foot bungalow,” Guildcrest Homes marketing manager George Tierney told West Carleton Online. “The modules are scheduled to arrive first thing on Friday morning and will be set by crane. For a home this size, the process is usually completed before noon. Site completion of the home will take just a few weeks.”

Hoar lived in Dunrobin for about 10 years before the Sept. 21, 2018 tornado destroyed her home and took everything she owned with it.

Hoar said her community has rallied around her since the tornado, some 10 months ago.

“You need help, you ask for it, and it’s there,” she said.

Hoar added it’s her neighbours “that I’m coming back to. I’m coming back to my community.”