Millikens provide mums for Grove Nursing Home

ARNPRIOR On the request of Marilyn Colton, chair of the Grove’s Family Council, the Milliken Garden Centre has donated baskets of fall mums for the enjoyment of all those involved in the residents’ home. 

Colton believes we need to constantly strive to normalize the physical environments where our relatives live. She states one simple way to do this is through the presence of flowers, in this case, fall mums.  Colton says from the research “we have learned that flowers impact one’s mental health as they create a genuine happiness, surprise and gratitude for the generosity of the provider.”

The Milliken Garden Centre started in 2012. However, the Milliken family had been landscaping and offering snow removal service for 25 years prior to that time. Colton states her husband Owen worked with John Milliken at James Landscaping and can attest to John’s commitment to high quality products and services.  No surprise that the Garden Centre is a two-time winner of the Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence.

The Milliken’s will tell you they have a passion for trees, shrubs and plants and such is evident with the huge variety and impressive display one sees as you drive in to the centre at 1370 Scheel Dr.

In addition, the family has created ponds, waterfalls and display gardens for the public to enjoy.  John’s wife, Lorrayne, says “it is truly something to see, and it changes with the seasons.” 

Colton, a Panmure Road resident in West Carleton, says as family members our role is to advocate for all residents within the Grove. 

“We do this in many ways including involving our community in the Grove’s services and programs,” she said.

Colton extends a special thank you to the Milliken family for their generosity and business acumen.  In addition, she wishes them continued success as well as good health and wellness through these challenging times and beyond.