OTTAWA VALLEY – After a grueling 125-kilometre walk, 82-year-old legally blind Russell ‘Papa’ Mackay will reach the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) today (Sept. 3), with children, grandchildren, family and friends joining him in the final few kilometres.

The Beachburg resident who also suffers from diabetes committed to the long-distance fundraising hike, Papa Walks 4 Kids, in an effort to raise money for CHEO. Mackay also put his money where his feet were, donating $5,000 to the cause. His stated goal was to raise $20,000 more along the way.

West Carleton Online caught up with Mackay just outside of Kinburn last Sunday (Aug. 30).

An amazing thing happened along the way. The affable Mackay destroyed his goal and raised $105,000 by the time he arrives at CHEO this afternoon. His incredible effort and his desire to chat with everyone he has met along the way has inspired the entire Ottawa Valley and Ottawa area to chip in to his cause.

Donations can still be made until Sept. 10 on CHEO’s foundation website.