Lounge Night for youth back in the Bay

CONSTANCE BAY – The Constance Buckham’s Bay Community Association (CBBCA) is bringing back The Lounge.

“The Lounge is back,” the CBBCA released in a statement. “We are excited to announce The Lounge is reopening this week. Grade 9 to 12 and new, Grade 7 to 9.”

The CBBCA’s The Lounge is a place for Constance Bay youth to hang out, get some homework done, relax and chat with peers.

“Whether you just want a place to hang for a while, up for a game, watch some YouTube with friends, or you need to do homework The Lounge is your venue,” the CBBCA said. “Pizza for a buck, drinks for 50 cents.”

The Lounge is an unstructured recreation and leisure space the CBBCA equipped with consoles, four screens, pool, games, couches, beverages and great staff to help members create their own fun.

“Hannah Weston is our lead youth program coordinator, later on she will be the facilitator for cooking experiences, out-trips, fitness programs, paint or spa nights, and beyond,” the CBBCA said. “There is no charge to become a member of The Lounge but registration, proof of age, and sign in are required and, like all safe places, there are a few rules.”

The Lounge is located at the NorthWind Wireless Fibre Centre located at 262 Len Purcell Dr.

To read the rules of to register click the corresponding link below: