Loud vehicles keeping police busy in week two of Operation NoiseMaker

OTTAWA – The Ottawa Police Service continued to focus on street racing and unnecessary noise violations across the city for a second weekend with Operation #NoiseMaker.

The Ottawa Police, OPP and Ottawa Bylaw Services officers joint-agency enforcement project has resulted in more than 500 educational interactions, 437 Provincial Offence Notice (PON) tickets issued with an additional 32 Part III Summons, multiple vehicles towed for stunt driving and six criminal charges laid.

“The vast majority of car and motorcycle enthusiasts are enjoying the great weather and a shared passion,” OPS traffic case manager, Sgt. Craig Roberts said. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that… however, there is an issue with a small minority who insist on tearing up our streets.”

To date, traffic officers have deployed to known problematic locations across the city, including Blackburn Bypass, Brian Coburn Boulevard, Heron Road, Hunt Club Road, Innes Road, Limebank Road, Merivale Road and Navan Road and others in an effort to stop high speeds and excessive noise.

“We’ve had a very positive response to the education piece provided by Ottawa Bylaw Services officers around noise issues and physical distancing recommendations,” said Operation #NoiseMaker operational lead Sgt. Troy Froats.

“This really has been a community-driven initiative. We continue to receive enforcement requests from every corner of the city asking police to tackle what for some, seems like a never-ending parade of outrageously loud vehicles,” Sgt. Craig Roberts said. “Residents have made it clear that they’ve had enough of the speeding and noise and our officers have been, and will continue to ensure that these drivers receive the attention they’re so desperately craving.”

Ottawa police frontline and traffic officers will continue to focus on aggressive driving/riding, excessive speeds and unnecessary noise throughout the summer.