LETTER: Return to school dilemma

To the Editor,

Do we, don’t we? Should we, shouldn’t we? Will we send our children back to the classroom or choose to educate them at home?

Difficult decisions for parents worried about their child’s future.  How will we cope with providing opportunities for our children to learn and grow?

As an additional resource in homeschooling, as an add-on to school curriculum or out of need/interest, why not start a programme/project at home? Teach your child about things that matter the most!

This is the optimum time for parents to nurture their children through these very trying times of COVID-19.  Servicing career demands and expectations while attempting to fulfill the role of educator is stressful and exhausting. Online learning though oftentimes not ideal, attempts at least to address the ‘academics.’ So much more is not only desirable, but necessary for psychological and emotional growth if students are to become their best selves.

As former educators ourselves, during our months of grandparenting we have felt this need. The lack of social interaction has impacted this generation of children in ways we can only imagine. Children being children together promotes healthy emotional growth. To enhance our efforts to fill in the gaps provided by our school programmes while wanting to deal specifically with emotional development we researched thoroughly and came across an amazing resource. One that teaches kids to see themselves through their own eyes and the eyes of others, through the eyes of a buddy. Through personal interaction kids learn to believe in themselves, to focus on the positive, to push through the fear of failure so they can succeed beyond their wildest dreams!

Through delightful stories, colourfully designed posters, thought provoking questions this discovery has enhanced our interactions with our grandkids keeping them focused and engaged in meaningful affective learning. 

The programme is called, Big Life Journal. The resource list is extensive: journals, teaching guides, podcasts, posters, blogs, weekly freebies and Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media support for parents. We highly recommend it!  Resources are plentiful and are geared to help children learn about resilience, self-belief, confidence, positive thinking, empathy, compassion, love of learning. The list goes on. All so relevant in today’s world.

More information is provided on the website https://www.turnsio.com/.

Richard & Glenda Longworth.

For 40 years Richard Longworth worked as a systems analyst and university professor at Capilano University teaching math, information technology, and system analysis and implementation. Longworth has published three books Reflections on Life Issues, Turning the Self Inside Out, and Harnessing the Internet into a Knowledge Framework – all related to technology and trends in the industry.