Letter: Reader says social media block not becoming of federal candidate

To the Editor,

I recently visited the Facebook page of Federal Conservative Party of Canada candidate, Justina McCaffrey.

I asked her a couple of questions and made a couple of comments. One of her posts was about her party’s plan to get tough on crime, by making sure to keep mandatory minimum sentencing (MMS).

I argued that MMS does not take in to account individual circumstances and each case should be determined on its own. Judges should have discretion in sentencing. She disagreed. I asked her what her party plans to do about the environment. She did not respond to that question. I then asked her what her stance is on abortion and women’s health. She did not answer that question either.

There is a website called Campaign Life Coalition which lists political candidates, MPs and MPPs according to their responses to a questionnaire they provide. According to this website, Justina McCaffrey is for reopening the abortion debate and banning abortions in all but medical emergencies. I confronted her with this information, and she deleted all my posts and then blocked me.

Since that has happened, I have discovered that she has blocked others who have tried to talk to her regarding her views on abortion. At no point in my posts was I disrespectful or rude. I find it disturbing that any political candidate would block a constituent for having an opinion. That is not how a democratic party member should behave.

Dianne Bramble,