Letter: Reader says Langstaff development a negative impact

To the Editor,

The proposed Inverness Development at 147 Langstaff Dr. will do much to negatively impact our village.

The Carp Community Design Plan (CDP), is a planning document ”to reflect the vision of the village that Carp residents hold.” Its objective is ‘to ensure development respects and contributes to the villages rural character.”

Supporters of the development might put aside the negative impact of this development on village traffic. The city’s study conducted in mid-August suggests the development will generate 162 person trips per hour in the afternoon on the already congested confluence of school and medical centre.

Supporters might put aside concerns this is a purely rental community of up to 350 new village residents in 196 units. This density may not trouble them even though it goes against local zoning.

They might be able to look past the fact this development will provide none of the affordable housing that is a specific goal of the CDP.

Supporters might be able to overlook the undersized park proposed, even when this specific natural area was so loved by the community that a Buy the Green plan raised more than $200,000.

But  we just can’t overlook how this highly dense, congested, rental community will destroy our village’s historic, rural character. Please share your opinions with our councillor eli.el-chantiry@ottawa.ca

Maureen Rae,
Carp .