Letter: Reader says concrete plant won’t fit new Official Plan

To the Editor,


It is very interesting that our councillors have managed to get the Carp Road BIA to see city staff so frequently, but couldn’t speak up for the neighbours who will be most impacted by a Level 3 heavy industrial plant being put beside homes and farms.

And it is also interesting that among the priority items that were dealt with by the Carp Road BIA are those of traffic issues and the fact that the corridor is for light industry and sustainable development. 

The concrete blasting project proposed by Cavanagh will not fit any of these criteria. And I suspect that the company would fight the BIA if there is a transition to city water, they would then be required to pay for the water they use instead of pumping it and probably polluting the aquifer shared by farmers, small business and home owners. 

Susan Prior, Carp.