Letter: Guilty plea a sign of things to come?

To the Editor,
It is sad that Cavanagh continues to break the environmental laws.

 Google Earth photo of the area taken June 1, 2018.
A Google Earth photo of the area taken June 1, 2018.

And it is even sadder that the personal charges against Jeff Cavanagh and Chris Collins got dropped in a plea bargain. Perhaps that bargaining was done to get this over with quickly and to avoid the new higher fines for such transgressions.What timeframe has Cavanagh been given to do the remedial work? Even after it is completed it will take Mother Nature years to restore the balance and some species at risk may not survive the trauma. Will there be funding to allow the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) to review and inspect the rehab?

The two donations to the MVCA will probably be paid and then claimed as a charitable donation, and if the company has stock with accrued interest that may mean the MVCA gets its $50,000 but Cavanagh doesn’t actually spend very much in the process.

And this is the company that the city okayed for a concrete batching plant along the pristine cold water (a rare attribute these days) Huntley Creek. If you do a little research, you will find Cavanagh and its various sub-groups has paid a lot of fines. Just the cost of doing business. What else is the cost of doing business? Will they do the rehab appropriately? Will they repeat the issues on their next project? Take a look at the scarring from this travesty.

Sue Prior,