Letter: C Bay resident says beach situation not win-win

To the Editor,

Dear Coun. El-Chantiry,

 I would like to have thanked you for your win-win solution if it were only true. As our West Carleton area councillor I expected more from you than just platitudes.

Let me tell you what happened here this past weekend (Aug. 16, 17), and with few exceptions every weekend since early June.

Cars parked illegally Photo by Georges Cyr
Photo by Georges Cyr

I live close to a beach access that has become known as a wild pathway.

Each week we witness both a lack of respect for our properties and for the beaches in general where large groups with dogs, coolers and barbecues believe that they have a right to do anything they want.

These individuals challenge our private property signs, try to use our chairs and other beach furniture that we have on the beach, and are then surprised and confrontational when asked to stop.

I would probably run out of film if I was to take photos of violators going up to owner’s buildings and relieving themselves on the property, or dumping dog bags and barbecue coals.

I watched an Ottawa city crew install these ‘No Stopping’ signs last Friday, and you can see how effective and a waste of taxpayer dollars this has been.

It appears your ongoing mild and passive attempt to control this situation is not having the desired effect, and you should consider taking a more direct and bolder approach.

  • Post Private Beach signs and not ones (…… Ottawa Public Beach) that continue to mislead people.
  • Restrict parking via No Parking (09:00 to 17:00) Signs.
  • Have ByLaw enforce the rules and issue tickets, with fines.

It is sad when homeowners that have poured their lives in choosing to set roots and enjoying our community only to be crushed by non-residents and lack of support.

It is time for the community to see an end to the constant violation of rules and laws that we must then endure as homeowners, taxpayers and residents of Constance Bay.

I would expect that Ottawa city (you Coun. El-Chantiry as our elected representative) and our community (represented by the Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Association) would come to a quick resolution before things escalate. The situation is already out of hand, and it is only a matter of time before some offended and irate beach user does more than verbally abuse a homeowner.

As they say, it is better to fight coals than a raging fire.

Georges Cyr.