Labour Day weekend claims three motorists

ONTARIO – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) report three fatalities on the roads and off during a busy long weekend of enforcement.

“The OPP responded to two fatal motor vehicle collisions and one fatal off-road vehicle incident that claimed the lives of three people over the Labour Day Long Weekend,” the OPP released in a statement today (Sept. 11).

The OPP laid more than 8,200 traffic-related charges during its four-day traffic safety initiative, with speeding leading the list of offence categories.

 Among the charges (OPP-patrolled roads only):   

  • Speeding: 5,821
  • Stunt driving/street racing: 157
  • Failure to wear seat belt: 250
  • Distracted driving: 98
  • Alcohol/drug-impaired driving: 110

 Over and above the charges, officers initiated more than 8,400 traffic stops aimed at educating the public about safe driving practices.

“The OPP thanks all drivers and other road user who contributed to safe roads over the long weekend by being compliant with Ontario traffic laws,” the OPP said.