Kirby takes stand in own attempted murder trial

PEMBROKE – The attempted murder trial of Arnprior volunteer William ‘Bill’ Kirby continued in Pembroke yesterday (Jan. 12) with the defendant taking the stand to give his side of the story.

Bill Kirby
Arnprior’s Bill Kirby, in a screengrab captured during a previous trial, is facing attempted murder charges this week in Pembroke. Screengrab

Kirby, 74, a well-known volunteer with Arnprior Community Policing as well as long-serving hockey referee and softball umpire, spent the day answering to charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault and for issuing death threats. The day started off with Kilby being questioned by his defense lawyer. Earlier in the week the victim of the incident took the stand. Yesterday, Kirby told the court what he remembered of the events of Sept. 13, 2018.

The court heard Kirby used to live nearby and walk his dog in the wooded area at the end of Gunsmith Road where the victim was found with stab wounds.

When asked if he brought the victim out to the secluded area with the intentions of killing her, Kirby replied “most definitely not.”

Kirby testified the victim got in his car willingly for her 30-minute lunch break, and he wanted to go somewhere private to talk about their relationship. Kirby told the court there were too many people at the Park n’ Ride in Arnprior to have a private conversation so they kept driving. While on the stand last week, the victim told the court she did not agree to go anywhere and left her car running, unlocked with the driver’s side window down. Kirby admitted to the court, the victim asked to be let out of the vehicle two or three times before they arrived at Gunsmith Road in McNab-Braeside Township, approximately 20-minutes from the victim’s place of work.

Kirby testified the victim got out of the car and started hitting him with a log or a stick. Kirby told the court he reached into the driver’s door and picked up a knife, holding it out in front of him and telling the victim “now we’re even” because he had the knife and she still had the stick. Kirby testified the victim’s stomach was cut when he was pushing her away from him. Kirby denied the allegations made by the  victim earlier in the week.

Kirby told the court if he wanted to kill the victim, he would have used the drywall knife that was in the back of his vehicle with his tools. Kirby also told the court if he wanted to kill the victim “she wouldn’t be here today.”

The weapon used to stab the victim is described as a throwing knife and two other knives from the same set were found in Kirby’s vehicle.

After the first alleged stabbing, Kirby told the court the two walked around in the woods moving to several locations and had a couple of cigarettes. Kirby testified the victim took off fell down a large gully where she cut her ear and there was blood everywhere. Kirby told the court the two were in the bush for 1.5 to 2-hours before paramedics arrived.

A 40-minute audio recording submitted as evidence captures Kirby trying to take his own life, calling 911 for help and the victim begging to not be left alone in the bushes. The audio recording was captured from a personal recording device Kirby had on him at the time of the arrest. The recording appears to have started after the second alleged stabbing, but it remains unclear if it was started intentionally or not.

Kirby disputed most of the evidence presented by the crown attorney during cross-examination later that afternoon (Jan. 12). Kirby appeared visibly frustrated on the stand and one of his responses to the crown was “whatever you say, I’m not getting through to you.”

“Here I am in court for the most ridiculous charge I’ve ever heard of,” Kirby said as the day’s proceedings  concluded. “I’m 74 I’ve lived a good life.”

Kirby remains out on bail before he is sentenced in a sexual assault case he was found guilty of last November. Kirby was found guilty of two counts of assault, one count of sexual assault, another count of indecent assault and for pointing a firearm. Sentencing will take place for that case in March of 2021.

The crown continued cross-examination at the Pembroke courthouse today (Jan. 13). Closing statements in the trial are expected to be made by the end of the week. If found guilty of the charges he is currently facing, Kirby will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars.