KIN seeking grape pickers

People pick grapes in a vineyard.
KIN Vineyards is looking for volunteer grape pickers starting this Saturday. Courtesy KIN Vineyards

CARP – Spend the weekend in wine country, picking grapes.

KIN Vineyard in Carp is getting ready for the harvest and looking for a little help.

“Calling volunteers,” KIN Vineyard staff released in a statement. “If you ever wanted to get involved in the wine making process at your favourite local vineyard, here’s your chance.”

Starting this Saturday (Sept. 26), and running for about two weeks, KIN Vineyards will be seeking the assistance of up to 24 people for each picking day.

“When harvest is complete, we will host a harvest dinner complete with our exquisite wines and even a commemorative t-shirt,” staff said.

“Our vineyard crew including our wine maker Brian Hamilton will be on hand to teach you what you need to know and to help in the harvest. It would be great if you could bring your own pruning shears and please ensure you dress appropriately.”

To sign up, visit KIN’s website and click on shop now. Each spot, although there is no cost, is sold as a ticket in the product store. This will help KIN Vineyard maintain COVID-19 safety protocols in place.