Highs, lows of cannabis use discussed in Carp, May 25

CARP – With the legalization of cannabis late last year, there is a steep learning curve for how the new law can affect you.

Carp Health Access (CHA) hosted a serious discussion on what users and non-users alike should prepare for under the new legislation and the new increased access to the product.

On Saturday, May 25 CHA members were joined by around 23 people at the Carp Memorial Hall who came to learn about the implications of the new law will mean from subject matter experts.

The CHA brought in a panel of experts including West Carleton Family Health Team pharmacist Sylvia Chan, lawyer Mark Asfar, Cichelle Davis of Canopy Growth and representatives from Ottawa Public Health.

Attendees learned about legal, health and social ramifications from using cannabis. Attendance was free but attendees had to be more than 19-years-of age to attend.

“Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada for several years,” CHA board member Tara Azulay said. “Recreational cannabis just received the green light. Later this year you may find it added to foods and drinks. Is cannabis safe to consume? Where can I buy it? What are the legal implications? Where can I find reliable answers to my questions? We put together a panel of experts who presented information, answered questions, and helped attendees make informed decisions.”