Hero of Huntley Creek on YouTube

CARP – The literary hero Freddie Redfin is making the jump to YouTube.

Opponents to a proposed concrete batching plant planned to be built in the Carp Road Corridor have worked tirelessly to raise awareness on the issue and hopefully put a stop to the construction.

Opponents, organized under the banner of Save Huntley Creek, have lobbied, protested city hall, filed a complaint with the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT) and even published a children’s book.

Author Dan Mayo, an Oak Creek Road resident who also works as a lawyer, wrote the children’s story Freddie Redfin: The Story of Huntley Creek last March with illustrator Jana Rothwell and published 1,500 copies of the book. Huntley Creek meanders through Mayo’s property including Bradley’s Falls – considered a key spawning ground for the Redfin.

“After the Agriculture and Rural Affairs committee (March 7) sham that Eli ‘Not My Counsellor’ (chaired), they weren’t understanding any of the technical arguments, the scientific arguments, the legal points,” Mayo said last March. “So, I figured I would write a children’s book and maybe, at their level, they would get it.”

The book is also available at Kanata’s Chapters store and all proceeds go to support the Save Huntley Creek legal fund. Since March, the gofundme page has raised $7,180.

For those who prefer their children’s books in video form, people can now visit YouTube to see the book read by illustrator Rothwell.

“The video was done by my friend Paul Warren who is an Elvis tribute artist,” Mayo told West Carleton Online last Tuesday (Dec. 17). “Plus, I added some gentle background music.”

The LPAT hearing started Oct. 28 and lawyers for Save Huntley Creek were able to present their case.

“We are objecting to this rezoning because we believe the city was hasty in its decision and in so doing has ignored a number of municipal and provincial planning regulations as well as the welfare of its citizens,” Save Huntley Creek member Lynn Grabe told West Carleton Online last November. “We believe that we have a strong case and we will continue to work toward a positive outcome. To those of you who have stood with us this far thank you for your support.”

The final appeal hearing is scheduled for May. 7, 2020.