HCA targets development on website

CARP – In an effort to keep the community informed on the fast-growing Village of Carp, the Huntley Community Association (HCA) has added a development page to its website.

HCA President Judy Makin, seen here speakin at ARAC last spring, says the page's role is to inform. Photo by Jake Davies
HCA President Judy Makin, seen here speakin at ARAC last spring, says the page’s role is to inform. Photo by Jake Davies

The new feature shines a spotlight on local development projects in and around the community. The page came online this month and was highlighted in the HCA’s August newsletter.

The page has links to Ottawa’s 2012 Carp Community Design Plan and six ongoing projects in and around the community including the proposed concrete batching plant, water treatment facility, a warehouse and other items of potential interest.

“This information about projects and development applications is received from the city through routine messages to the president of the HCA,” the HCA writes on the page. “We are passing this on to the community for information purposes only.”

During last May’s annual general meeting, board members heard from some community members they did not was the association to take political stances on sensitive issues. HCA President Judy Makin spoke with West Carleton Online yesterday (Aug. 26) to discuss the new webpage and its role.

“The HCA created this page so we could share local development information that is sent to us by the city with members of the community,” Makin said. “The issue of how to keep the community informed was discussed at our last AGM and at recent board meetings. We’ve also had a discussion with our councillor about how we can best ensure the community is informed about development applications.”

The HCA says Carp is rapidly changing and intensification is an issue for all residents.

“The Village of Carp has changed significantly over the past few years, and given the city’s policy of ‘intensification,’ we can expect a further increase in new development proposals that would include a higher density than in the past,” Makin said.

Although the HCA will be mindful of avoiding politics.

“This page is to provide information to the community,” Makin said. “We plan to include development proposals for the area from now on.  The HCA is not taking a position on these developments and encourages anyone with comments or questions to contact the city planner.”

Makin says she hopes this page will help the community stay on top of major projects in their early stages so, if residents have concerns, they will have the time to address them with the project managers.

“We have been hearing that not everyone in the community is aware of where to go to learn about proposed developments, and how to get involved in any opportunities for consultation,” Makin said. “Since the HCA president receives these updates already from the city, we wanted to create an easy way to share this information with our community so residents can have direct access to the reports available. We’re encouraging residents to use the city’s ‘Dev Apps’ website in order to review the background reports and to give feedback to the city planner handling that file.”