Hallowe’en ready in West Carleton

WEST CARLETON – The Village of Carp Hallowe’en Scavenger Hunt is already on and Fitzroy Harbour residents are making preparations to let kids know the haves and the have nots for upcoming Candy Night.

On Oct. 20 the Huntley Community Association (HCA) announced it was looking for volunteer homes dressing up for the holidays. Well, they came forward and the scavenger hunt is now on. Kids and their parents can visit 10 homes in the Carp area that have put out their spookiest decoration and try to find all the items at each location.

The scavenger hunt is on now and runs until Oct. 31 at approximately 11 p.m. To see the addresses and item questions look at the list at the bottom of the story.

To share photos of your adventure with the community or to see more details of the event, click here.

A screen shot of the Google Map showing locations of those participating in Hallowe'en this year. Screenshot
A screen shot of the Google Map showing locations of those participating in Hallowe’en this year. Screenshot

In the Fitzroy Harbour area, community members have published a Google Map with the locations of homes that will be offering Hallowe’en treats on the scary night. There are already 35 locations published to the map. For those with cell phones, the map can be easily accessed on Google and get you to the candy on Hallowe’en night.

“If you or your trick-or-treater has Google Maps installed on their phone, click on the map image, then click the three-dot ‘menu’ icon at the top right, then click ‘open in maps,’ map creator Lori Stanton released in a statement. “Map-to-go!”

To visit the map right now, click here.

The Carp Hallowe’en Scavenger List
  • Item #1 -141 Hidden Lake Road
    Kids question: How many skeleton heads are in the garden?
    Adults: where is the fuzzy spider
    (Note, this display will be taken down around 2:00pm Halloween afternoon)
  • Item #2 – 329 Donald B Monroe Road
    Kids question: How many hands and feet hang from the tree?
    Adults: What movie character is depicted holding a machete?
  • Item #3 -120 Robert Lee
    Kids question: How many clowns are there in the display?
    Adults: What does the sign say on the grey brick wall?
  • Item #4 -128 Robert Lee
    Kids Question: where does the Werewolf stand?
    Adults: Two inflatables are from a Movie by Tim Burton. Name the Movie.
  • Item #5 -136 Robert Lee
    Kids Question: How many real pumpkins (including different colours) are there in the display?
    Adults: What do the three ghosts on the front wall by the door spell?
  • Item #6 – 215 Jensen Court
    Kids Question: How many Gravestones do you see?
    Adults: What colour is the hair on the clown (look up, look waaaaaaay up)
  • Item #7 – 219 Jensen Court
    Kids Question: What does the sign over the front entry spell?
    Adults: How many candles in the window?
  • Item #8 -139 Glencastle
    Kids Question: How many pumpkins do you see?
    Adults: What 2020 accessory is the Scarecrow wearing?
  • Item #9 -155 Glencastle
    Kids Question: Where is the inflatable Cat?
    Adults: What kind of skeleton dog is in the display?
  • Item #10 – 169 Inniskillin Drive
    Kids Question: What kind of bird is on the signpost?
    Adult: What’s the display theme?
    Bonus question: What type of car is in the tree? (movie fans will know)

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