Green Party seeks candidates in Kanata-Carleton

KANATA-CARLETON – The Kanata-Carleton Green Party is looking for candidates for both the federal and provincial level.

The riding association posted a call for potential candidates on its website last Saturday (Jan. 16).

“Have you thought about running for the Green Party?” riding volunteers released in a statement. “We’d like to hear from you.”

Volunteers asked potential candidates to contact the riding association for details and more information.

“Ontario and federal elections aren’t due this year, but we want to be prepared as governments can call elections pretty much at will,” the riding association said. “As your local riding association executive, we’re here to help local Green Party members select a candidate to best represent Kanata-Carleton.”

Dunrobin’s Dr. Jen Purdy ran in the last federal election held Oct. 22, 2019. The Green Party spend $8,506.35 on its federal campaign in 2019 – the lowest of the four parties, and more than 10 times less than the winning Liberals which declared spending $114,216.22 in 2019.

Lawyer Andrew West ran for the Kanata-Carleton Greens in the 2018 and 2014 provincial election as well as the 2015 federal election. West made a failed bid for the federal leadership last summer.

Prospective contestants will be vetted by the party.

“You don’t have to be a policy expert or have any political experience – but you should have some idea of Green issues and share Green values,” the riding executive said. “You can learn more about Green solutions here and here.”

Following the vetting, candidates will be a nomination contestant.

“That means you’ll be ready to seek support from Green members in Kanata-Carleton, who will vote at the nomination meeting to choose our candidate from among you and any other nomination contestants,” the executive said. “You’ll have an opportunity to speak at the meeting but you should reach out to existing members and recruit new ones beforehand.”

At the nomination meeting, members will rank the contestants on their ballot. The winner needs the preference of 50 per cent of the members as determined by instant-runoff.

“Assuming you’re successful at the nomination meeting, you’ll be named as the nominated Green candidate for Kanata-Carleton,” the association said. “Once an election is called, the party will name you as our candidate.”

The Green Party welcomes all contestants, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or background (you do need to be eligible to vote, older than 18 and a Canadian citizen).