Grassroots senior advocacy group to spotlight poverty issue during election

WEST CARLETON – A grassroots advocacy group called Support Our Seniors Canada is looking to build momentum across the country and shine the spotlight on senior poverty.

“We are introducing Support Our Seniors Canada,” Mary Martin and Mary Moylan released in a statement Sept. 12. “A grassroots advocacy movement, originating in Newfoundland and Labrador, which is rapidly gaining momentum across Canada. We are demanding the federal government immediately rectify the economic crisis that many seniors across this country are facing daily. We are living far below the poverty line of $25,000 per year and are forced to live on annual stipends of between $15,000 and $18,000. Due to our impoverished circumstances we are using food banks, soup kitchens and thrift shops. We can’t afford decent housing, healthy food, heat, transit and the many essential health aids not covered by health care.”

The organization says many seniors are “working well into our 70s and even 80s to supplement this pittance.”

If you are a senior living below the poverty line, the organization asks you join Support Our Seniors Canada on Facebook or contact them at

“We need to remove the stigma, shame and embarrassment such poverty can bring,” the organization said. “There is strength in numbers, the more members we gain, the stronger our voice. A federal election is coming soon. Ask your candidates how they plan to address this national crisis. We must stand up and demand dignity and fairness for elders.”