Galetta potluck a community feast

GALETTA – The third annual Galetta Potluck Dinner was a chance to taste some of the community’s best cooks’ favourite meals, and to get in all you had to do was share your own favourite meal.

Last Tuesday (Jan. 21) the Galetta Community Association (GCA) hosted the potluck, taking over from the Lorne Sutherland Women’s Institute which disbanded late in 2019.

Barb Jowett and Norm Ross are credited with the organizing of the event – it was a first for both of them.

“The GCA decided to carry it on,” Jowett told West Carleton Online just before the community was to sit down for dinner.

Jowett said she also made oriental beef meatballs, cherry and blueberry pie and butter tarts “and I worked today too.”

The event was a hit last year, but organizers were thinking it might be a bit smaller crowd this year even though there were still people trickling in and some other latecomers still expected. Jowett said organizing, cooking and still making it to work on time did not dampen the fun of the community event.

“It was fun,” Jowett said. “It’s been a learning experience, the food looks good and it’s tuned out pretty good and now we’re going to sit down and have some good food.”