Friday night #NoiseMakers earn tickets

OTTAWA – Friday night nets 137 tickets for dangerous drivers in the Ottawa area.

“Last evening (Sept. 4), Ottawa Police Service (OPS), along with our partners OPP, Surete du Quebec and Gatineau Police targeted aggressive driving/riding, excessive speeding and unnecessary noise as part of the summer-long safety campaign called Operation #NoiseMaker,” the OPS released in a statement today (Sept. 5).

The policing partners issued 137 Provincial Offence Notice (PON) tickets, focusing on street racing and unnecessary noise violations across the city, including:

  • 55 tickets for Speeding
  • Five for hand held device
  • Nine for muffler/unnecessary noise
  • One cannabis readily available charges; and Part III Summons
  • A total of six Stunt Driving and Excessive Speed charges were laid as well

“Everyone has the right to feel safe on roadways and in the neighbourhoods they live in without speeders and noisemakers disrupting them,” Sgt. Troy Froats, who leads Project NoiseMaker, said. “We will continue to ticket them until they get the message.”

Ottawa police frontline and traffic officers will continue to focus on aggressive driving/riding, excessive speeds and unnecessary noise throughout the weekend.

There will be an increased presence in the ByWard Market and Sandy Hill areas for the duration of the weekend.

“We thank our policing partners for joining us in this enforcement campaign to improve the quality of life and road safety of our residents,” acting insp. Marc-Andre Sheehy said.