Final Drive-In Bingo in support of Engelberts

CARP – The final Carp Fair Drive-In Bingo of the year ends July and is a fundraiser for the Engelberts family.

This Wednesday, starting at 6 p.m. is the fifth and final Carp Fair Drive-In Bingo of the season. The popular summer pastime has hosted 1,000s of vehicles this month.

“What an amazing turn out we had at our Drive-In Bingo last night,” organizers said last Thursday (July 25). “More than 800 cars, 400 burgers, 400 hot-dogs and 80 pies served, and we needed more. We wanted to send a huge thank you to all that volunteers that help us put together these amazing nights and a thank you to everyone that keeps showing up to the Bingo’s and having fun with us.”

This Wednesday, the organizers are donating all the proceeds of the Drive-In Bingo to the Engelberts family who lost their patriarch in a tragic accident last month.

“All the proceeds are going to be donated to Connor Engelbert’s Family,” the Carp Fair board released in a statement. “Grab your chairs, blankets, daubers and friends and make your way to Carp this week to play bingo, proceeds being donated to Connor Engelberts Family.”

The Fairgrounds is already jammed packed “with our horse friends in town to put on a great horse show this weekend and to play bingo on Wednesday July 31.”

Because of the big crowd already at the fairgrounds, organizers have made sure they can accommodate everyone who wants a shot at cold, hard Bingo cash.

“We have arranged parking and bleachers, and seating on the grounds to accommodate everyone to play bingo this week,” organizers said. “We have pies, burgers, hot dogs, cold drinks and this week under the red tent near the canteen we have buttertarts and vanilla ice cream. Let’s pack the grounds and support Connor’s family.”