Fall colours creating parking issues at Crazy Horse Trail

CARP – The popular Crazy Horse Hiking Trail has created some parking issues as visitors hope to get a look at the fall colours on display in the Carp Hills.

“This year the beautiful fall weather is making the trail abuzz with activity,” Friends of the Carp Hills (FCH) trail coordinator Bernard Proulx release in a statement last week (Oct. 8). “Regular users and new ones are flocking to the Crazy Horse trail to enjoy the beautiful colors and the autumn fresh air. This is great news for us, but it also brings parking challenges.”

The FCH would like to remind all trail users the adjacent empty lot at the trailhead is private property.

“We understand users have over the past several months been using it to park while accessing the Crazy Horse Trail, however we ask you refrain from doing so in the future,” Proulx said. “The only authorized parking is the small area along March Road (the orange colored area in the picture) and the only official trail access is by the trailhead sign which also includes a trail map.”

Parking is limited to approximately 15 vehicles parked perpendicular to March Road.

“Thank you for you understanding and cooperation,” Proulx said. “Happy Trails.”

The FCH also wants to remind users that hunting season for several species has already begun and is a permitted use of Ottawa-owned property.

“People are hearing gunshots in the Carp Hills and asking whether it’s safe to walk on the Crazy Horse Trail,” the FCH released in a statement. “The answer is that anyone going out in to the bush at this time of year should be aware of the risks and should wear bright orange.”

The discharge of firearms in the City of Ottawa is governed by the Discharge of Firearms bylaw. The discharge of firearms is allowed throughout the Carp Hills, except within 450 metres of the rural estate neighbourhoods.  

“People may hunt on city-owned land,” the FCH said. “They may not hunt on private property without permission from the landowner. Be Safe. Read our Hunting in the Carp Hills post to read more and view a map where firearms may be discharged.”