Election signs may bloom tomorrow

OTTAWA – Fall ‘flowers’ are on their way as West Carleton residents can soon expect to see colourful federal election signs blooming all over the region starting tomorrow.

“Candidates, political parties, electoral district associations and registered third parties for the 2019 federal election are permitted to place election signs on private properties, with permission from the property owner, beginning Thursday, Aug. 22,” City of Ottawa staff released in a statement today (Aug. 21). “This is 60 days before election day, on Monday, Oct. 21.”

All election signs on private properties must follow the Temporary Signs on Private Property By-law.

 “Signs on public properties will only be permitted upon issuance of the writ, no more than 50 days before the election day,” city staff said. “Signs cannot be placed along highways or in a median, and must be at least 50 centimetres from a sidewalk. In areas with no sidewalks, signs must be at least two metres from the road or, if the road has a shoulder, at least 50 centimetres from the edge of the shoulder.”

All election signs on public property must follow the Signs on City Roads By-law.

Signs on both private and public properties must be removed 48 hours after election day.