El-Chantiry wants motorists aware during WC harvest season

WEST CARLETON – The ward township office has received numerous calls from farmers asking motorists to be award of the harvest season and more farm-related vehicles being on the road for the next little while.

“My office has received quite a few calls from our local farmers regarding the upcoming harvest season and sharing the road with motorists,” Coun. Eli El-Chantiry released in a statement today (Aug. 25).  “Please put safety first and remember the rules of the road.”

Reduce your speed when you come upon a slow-moving vehicle. When the path is clear and it is safe to do so, make sure the driver sees you are passing them.

“Do not expect them to pull over on the shoulder as they may not be able to do so safely and it could be dangerous,” El-Chantiry said. “Do not push as the vehicles are going at the optimum speed. Keeping a healthy distance keeps both you and the driver safe. Remember – farmers feed families, give them some space.”