Dunrobin stand a learning experience

DUNROBIN – In a summer that can only be described as weird, the Ross kids are learning the value of hard work and gaining the education of running a business by operating a veggie stand on Greenland Road.

Clint Ross and Beth Stanistreet of Ross Farms in Dunrobin had the tools, the garden and the kidpower, so for the first time, decided to operate a vegetable stand at the end of their Greenland Road home.

Yesterday (Aug. 3), the end of the long weekend, the stand was open for the second time this season.

The project started when Clint and Beth were able to purchase an old vegetable stand off Carp’s Bobby Craig several years ago.

“We were told this stand has sold a $1 million worth of corn,” Clint told West Carleton Online from the stand yesterday.

The family painted it, and the stand was ready to work.

The kids had been asking the parents for a swimming pool.

“Then you’re going to work,” Beth says she told her kids.

The Ross kids, Quinn, 10, Samantha, 8, William, 6, and Harvey, 4, got to work. The stand does not have regular business hours, Clint and Beth are fitting it in when they can. Clint is a custom farmer and Beth is a full-time paramedic. The stand was an idea to keep the kids busy and productive during a summer that has been ongoing since school let out at the March Break. The first day of operation of the stand was roughly two weeks ago.

“We made about $70,” Quinn said.

“It was just with produce from their own little garden they picked and sold,” Beth said.

Yesterday’s stand had a special, and very popular, addition – Hudson’s corn. Clint knows Brian Hudson pretty well and was able to strike a deal to bring Hudson’s corn to Greenland Road.

“Hudson’s corn hasn’t been sold in Dunrobin since the tornado,” Clint said. “We decided we would try it for today. Brian’s like the coach.”

Hudson provided some knowledge and best practices and selling tips.

“He showed up this morning with 32 dozen,” Beth said.

The rest of the produce comes from the Ross’ garden.

“If we have the feature product, we can have fun with the other stuff,” Beth said.

But the point isn’t just to make pool money.

“Mostly it’s just fun and a good experience for the kids,” Beth said. “It’s teaching them preparation and dedication.”

The boys are ferrying produce to the stand, the girls are in charge of selling (when a visiting turtle isn’t distracting them), all of them are preparing the corn and caring for the garden.

“Everybody’s contributing to it,” Beth said.

And they are contributing safely. Masks are worn, cleaning is plentiful, space is given and contact is limited.

“It’s teaching the kids to be adaptable and flexible,” Beth said. “It will prepare them for the school year.”

Hours of the stand are intermittent. Beth says the stand will be open this coming Friday (Aug. 7) and perhaps the weekend. She recommends checking the Dunrobin community Facebook page for updates.