Diefenbunker star of city’s Heritage Day

OTTAWA – The Diefenbunker Museum was singled out for its important contribution to history and the City of Ottawa during a proclamation to kick-off Heritage Week on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

Feb. 18 was proclaimed Heritage Day by Mayor Jim Watson and several of the city’s historical organizations, museums, archives, cultural groups and historic sites set up booths at Jean Pigott Place to share their offerings with the Ottawa community officially known as the Capital Heritage Connection Fall Heritage Showcase.

The event was marked by a proclamation read by the city’s official town crier. Around 100 people dropped by to enjoy the announcement.

“The Diefenbunker reminds us we can learn from the challenging times of our past,” Mayor Watson told the crowd. “But also make them a blast from the past. The Diefenbunker is an amazing experience. It’s a unique museum in the City of Ottawa and all of Canada. Whenever I have friends and family visiting, I encourage them to visit the Diefenbunker. It’s a fascinating look in to our history. I love the prime minister’s bed. He’s got a cot, a phone and a table. It really brings you back to a time in history.”

Many of the executive, staff and board of the Difenbunker Museum were on hand for the honour.

“It’s such an honour to be recognized not only for diversifying our program, but with our heritage partners and stakeholders,” Diefenbunker executive director Christine McGuire told West Carleton Online shortly after the proclamation. “It feels fantastic.”

McGuire says with the current political climate of global affairs, the history the museum spotlights is more important than ever.

“Now more than ever it has a crucial role for the public,” McGuire said. “The releveancy of today. Learning from our past. The lessons from a tumultuous world. What role can we play and what can we learn from our history?”

But the museum is much more than just stark reminders of a scary past. The Diefenbunker Museum has a bunker full of unique program. Spy Camp for kids, Ottawa’s largest Escape Room, wine tastings, zombie evenings, the interactive dramatic presentation Dief the Chief, zombie evenings during Hallowe’en and most recently Atomic Love – a special Valentine’s Day event.

“Such a fun, interactive night of touring the bunker,” McGuire said. “No matter what brings you to the bunker, you can’t help but learn about one of the most critical times in Canadian history.”