Crazy Horse Trail now longer

CARP – Carp’s popular hiking trail, the Crazy Horse Trail, is going to get a bit longer.

A blue trail marker.
Look for these trail markers and the FCH asks you please stay on the trail. Courtesy the FCH

The Friends of the Carp Hills (FCH) announced today (Feb. 16) the landowners, Ducks Unlimited Canada have agreed to extend the trail.

“This month Ducks Unlimited Canada authorized an extension of the Crazy Horse Trail on their conservation property,” the FCH announced in a statement today. “The 1.7 km loop crosses a mix of terrain including deciduous forest; swamp and marsh; and rocky uplands typical of the Carp Hills.” 

The extension is a pedestrian only trail. While dogs are allowed, they must be on a leash at all times.

“Please stay on the trail, which uses blue trail markers,” the FCH said. “Creation and marking of other trails is strictly prohibited by DUC to protect ecologically sensitive areas.”

More signs will be posted on the property in the coming weeks.

The FCH have a stewardship agreement signed in 2018 with DUC to help them manage and monitor the property.

See DUC’s Carp Hills web page for more information. For a trail map and downloadable trail guide, see the FHC’s Crazy Horse Trail web page.