CP hospital emergency department reno next stage approved

CARLETON PLACE – The Ministry of Health has approved the Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital (CPDMH) Stage 3.1 submission for the new emergency department (ED). 

The ministry has a five-stage planning process and Stage 3.1 includes the preliminary block designs with details on all major components, timelines and costs.

“This is wonderful news for our community as we continue this detailed planning for the new Emergency Department,” CPDMH board chair Carol Anne Esnard said. “Thank you to the board of D=director’s Capital Project committee as well as everyone working on this project for their leadership and commitment, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Work on Stage 3.2 is also complete. The Stage 3.2 sketch plan focuses on more detailed physical planning documents and was submitted to the ministry in late December.  This submission includes mechanical, electrical, structural and architectural design briefs with relevant drawings, phasing plans, building specifications, furniture and equipment lists, as well as updated cost estimates and project schedule.

Focus groups with staff and physicians were also held to further discuss experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chief of emergency Dr. Marcia Spooner says these lessons will help to refine the overall plan.

“We are excited to keep moving forward and to incorporate some of the learnings from the past few months into the design,” she said. “We know what is needed to ensure we are prepared for these types of situations in the future.”

The new ED will be linked to the hospital and will address current space challenges and enhance infection control standards. It includes 11 treatment spaces, which is an increase of five (or 83 per cent) over the current ED. The new ED is being designed to improve patient flow for both walk-in patients, as well as patients arriving by ambulance. There will be a private family room inside the ED and more washrooms.

Once Stage 3.2 is approved, the planning team will move on to Stage 4 of the five-stage process. This is the pre-construction phase where detail drawings and contract documents for tender are drafted and approved. 

The CPDMH Foundation has launched a $3 million comprehensive fundraising campaign for the new ED and needed patient care equipment for the hospital. A 22-community member campaign cabinet is being led by co-chairs, Lori Cavanagh and Richard Kidd with the team reaching out to leaders across the community to rally their support of the project. Once COVID-19 allows for the public launch of the campaign, the community will be hearing much more about the campaign and the needs of the hospital. “We look forward to sharing more details about how you can join us in making a difference with your support as we enter into an exciting year ahead for our local hospital,” foundation executive director Robyn Arseneau said.

For more information about the Emergency Department, visit www.cpdmh.ca/redevelopment.