Corkery snowmobiler thanks paramedics for lifesaving 2019 rescue

CORKERY – A Corkery snowmobiler and his family took time yesterday (Nov. 23) to thank the Ottawa Paramedic Service for saving his life following a dangerous crash last winter.

“Yesterday afternoon, the Ottawa Paramedic Service had the pleasure of welcoming Travis Vaughan, his wife Jenn and brother Tyler, after they requested to meet with those who assisted Travis in December 2019 following life-threatening injuries sustained from a snowmobile crash,” the paramedic service released in a statement today (Nov. 24). “Numerous emergency responders were mobilized to his aid and he wanted to thank them all, from the Ambulance Communications Officer (ACO) who answered his 911 call and remained on the line with him, to the Critical Care Paramedics who transported him by air ambulance to the hospital.”

Last December Vaughan called 911 from his cell phone after hitting an obstruction under the snow while out on his sled.

“As a result of the collision, he suffered a potentially life-threatening injury to his leg and was experiencing significant blood loss,” the Ottawa Paramedic Service said. “He was connected with ACO Julie who followed standard protocol and obtained as much information as possible, including his exact location and the nature of his injuries. Julie provided continuous reassurance that lots of help was on its way, while also giving him key steps to prevent any further or subsequent injuries.”

One of these steps when direct pressure was not being effective, involved fashioning a waistbelt to use as a tourniquet to prevent further blood loss.

“Unfortunately, minutes later the phone suddenly died in the cold and direct communication was lost between ACO Julie and Mr. Vaughan. However, thanks to the rapid exchange of crucial information that had already taken place and Mr. Vaughan’s decision to drag himself, accompanied by his dog who had heard him calling for help, back to his home, emergency crews were successful in locating him soon afterwards,” the service said. “Despite being severely injured, Travis managed to move himself to his house located approximately 300 metres away where emergency first aid was administered by his wife and brother, just prior to emergency responders locating him.”

Upon their arrival, paramedics assessed Vaughan and provided further treatment for his injuries. An ORNGE air ambulance, that had also been dispatched by ACO Julie, landed on Burnt Lands Road soon after and patient care was then transferred to the critical care paramedics who airlifted him to the Ottawa Regional Trauma Centre.

“We are very grateful to have met Mr. Vaughan, his wife Jenn and brother Tyler almost one year after this fateful day by facilitating this meet-your-responder opportunity,” the service said. “Mr. Vaughan was able to meet with the following responders at Ottawa Paramedic Service Headquarters: Ottawa Paramedic Service’s ACO Julie and Paramedics Warren, Paul and James as well as ORNGE’s Critical Flight Paramedic Dave.”