Corkery puts call out for volunteer outdoor rink rats

CORKERY – There’s no time to be out on the ice like winter. In fact, it’s the only time.

And its that time again as the Corkery Community Association (CCA) is looking for help for its awesome outdoor rink.

“We are looking for volunteers for rink maintenance over the winter,” the CCA released in a statement today (Nov. 20). “Our outdoor rink is kept in working order by volunteer flooders, and we are always looking for more. It is truly a community project.”

Last year was a great year for Corkery’s ODR. CCA vice president Andrew McIsaac gave a wrap-up of the ODR season last March.

“We had an amazing year,” he said. “We went one full month longer than last year (2017-2018).”

The rink opened Dec. 29, 2018, two weeks later than the year before.

“We had a very good core group of volunteers,” McIsaac said.

If you would like to join the group of hearty outdoor loving rink volunteers “please contact the rink boss at: if you’d like to help with the maintenance of this great community rink.”