Corkery outdoor rink news

CORKERY – ODR season is just around the corner and Corkery’s outdoor rink is ready for action.

Corkery’s outdoor rink is a popular spot during the winter and the Corkery Community Association (CCA) is looking for volunteers to make sure the community enjoys another great skating season.

CCA vice president Andrew McIsaac is in charge of organizing the ODR. He says it’s almost time to get to work.

The forecast says it’s ice making time,” McIsaac released in a statement yesterday (Dec. 15). “Well, not today exactly, but by the end of the week we will be getting started on setting the base for the rink. We’ve got some new tools to help us and potentially a special project on the side, think curling, kinda, sorta. If you want to help us – whether it’s just one afternoon or one evening a week – we’d be happy to have you.”

To help facilitate the ODR the CCA is also looking for one more rink supervisor.

“We’re looking for one more rink supervisor for the 2019-2020 season,” the CCA released in a statement Dec. 11. “Rink supervisors are expected to supervise the rink for 10 hours a week during evenings and weekends. Hours are flexible. If you are interested in learning more about this position, please contact the rink boss at”

A very important date on the Corkery ODR calendar is Jan. 25 early in 2020. That’s when the community celebrates Hockey Day in Corkery.

You’re invited to come to hockey day on Saturday, Jan. 25,” the CCA said. “This event is located at the Corkery Community Centre and is for playing hockey and getting to know your neighbours. As hockey day grows closer, you can look at the website or Facebook page for more details.”

While exact time and prices to register a team for the tournament have yet to be determined, the day includes free chili, coffee and hot chocolate. Tournament players must be aged 13-and-up. The tournament also includes a super-fun skills competition. For registration information you can contact

This year, the CCA is also exploring the idea of hosting an outdoor hockey league.

“Let’s see if there is enough interest this year for an outdoor hockey league in Corkery,” CCA President Katherine Woodward released in a statement. “If you’re interested, sign up in the appropriate age category. We need eight-ish kids to make a team.”

To express your interest, you can also contact the rink email address posted above.