Corkery AGM calls 2018 year of stable growth

CORKERY – A group of 20 listened to the year-end wrap-up of the Corkery Community Association (CCA) on Tuesday night (March 12) – a 2018 that saw stable growth and a consistency that will continue in 2019.

All four officers will remain in their positions for 2019 with President Katherine Woodward, Vice President Andrew McIsaac, Treasurer Debbie Bernhardt and Secretary Gill Foss filling up the top roles.

The CCA will be able to move a small surplus from 2018 forward to 2019 and the community can get behind in a major project as a $1.5 million renovation for the community centre begins.

Hidden in that major news, was a year-end review of lots of events and stable growth for the CCA and the young community it serves.

“Our whole purpose is to provide recreational events and programming to raise the moral of our community,” Woodward told the attendees.

In 2018 the CCA did that with a budget of $35,895 and finished the year with $32,500 in expenses.

Some of the big expenses included about $12,000 in property and upkeep expenses and just more than $14,000 for special events. Most of the income comes in the form of city grants and registration fees.

Woodward used part of her President’s Report to talk about her time as a West Carleton Disaster Relief board member.

“IT’s been an amazing experience,” she said. “Especially as a networking opportunity. I never really spoke to the other community associations before. We’ve raised more than $500,000 for disaster relief. It’s amazing. It’s so important to know your neighbours. Come out to local events. The more you know your neighbours the more a sense of community you will have.”

McIsaac gave a wrap-up of the ODR season on a night that officially put an end to the outdoor skating season.

“We had an amazing year,” he said. “We went one full month longer than last year.”

The rink opened Dec. 29, two weeks later than the year before.

“We had a very good core group of volunteers,” McIsaac said.

The CCA will also be launching a new website soon.

“The site is coming along,” the community heard. “It’s a bit more intuitive, improved navigation and more mobile friendly. There are a few things left to add and a bit of minor tweaking and then it will be ready to go.”