Construction starts on Fitzroy Harbour bridge

FITZROY HARBOUR – The Fitzroy Harbour bridge over the Carp River will be down to one lane for the rest of the year.

Construction begins today (May 21) on the 61-year-old bridge as it gets the rehabilitation treatment for the third time in its lifespan.

“It’s a major rehabilitation,” engineer Christine Shillingslaw said at a very quiet bring info meeting last February.

The work, which will be done by construction firm National Structures, is expected to take the rest of the year with a completion timeline of late in 2019.

“The bridge is programmed for life-cycle renewal to address the aging condition of the infrastructure and extend the service life of the bridge,” city staff released in a statement.

Work on the bridge includes the replacement of the north concrete sidewalk and south concrete curb; replacement of the asphalt wearing surface on the bridge and approaches; improved drainage; replacement of expansion joints; guiderail replacement; concrete repairs; and applying a new anti-graffiti coating.

“The contractor is assuming full responsibility for the construction work until the work is entirely complete,” city staff said. “The contractor will take every precaution necessary to minimize interruptions to the everyday life of your family and/or operation of your business, but as you can appreciate, there may be some inconvenience during the course of the work, such as delays, traffic detours when travelling through the construction zone, noise, dust and vibration. We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and co-operation.”

One traffic lane will be closed for the duration of the construction work. Trucks and buses will be detoured via Cannon Smith Drive and Galetta Side Road. The alternating lane for vehicles and cyclists will be maintained at all times controlled with temporary traffic signals. Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times and an opening under the bridge will be maintained at all times to allow for small recreational watercrafts to pass through.

The Fitzroy Harbour Bridge was originally built in 1958. The superstructure was replaced in 1980 and the bridge underwent its last major rehabilitation in 1994.