City summer work recruitment open

OTTAWA – Are you interested in working for the City of Ottawa this summer?

Summer recruitment program is now open at

“We have more than 70 summer jobs for students aged 16 and over,” city staff released in a statement today (Feb. 7). “There are a few jobs within recreation, cultural and facility services for students aged 15 and over. We’re looking to fill a large variety of jobs, including in finance, parks, research and administration.”

The deadline to apply for most jobs varies from late February to the end of March. Applications for summer and part-time jobs in Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services, including lifeguards, swim instructors and camp counsellors, are open until Sunday, August 30. These jobs are an excellent way to build strong leadership and interpersonal skills – and the flexible hours can fit your busy schedule.

How to apply

Create an online profile on with your personal information, education, training, and work and volunteer experience. Bilingualism is a great asset to highlight, but it is not essential for all positions.

“We encourage you to apply to more than one position,” city staff said.

Each job posting will tell you how many weekly hours are expected, helping you decide which positions suit your schedule.

“Make the City of Ottawa your workplace of choice this summer,” city staff said. “It’s rewarding work that directly impacts your community.”