City’s 2022 sustainability funding applications open until Feb. 1

OTTAWA – Organizations looking for sustainability funding from the City of Ottawa have until Feb. 1 to apply.

“Transitioning to a revamped community funding program, the city is now accepting applications for sustainability funding for 2022,” city staff released in a statement last week. “Organizations have until Monday, Feb. 1 to apply and pre-qualify for this funding.”

Sustainability funding is one of the three funding types available under the revamped program, which aims to ensure the city’s investments address the greatest community needs where they are most pronounced.

“Sustainability funding, like previous renewable funding, will go to community social service agencies and non-profits that address poverty and provide services that ensure equitable access for residents facing the greatest barriers and challenges,” staff said. “The funding period has increased from three to five years. While there is no change to eligibility criteria, there are new requirements for annual reporting.”

The city will allocate sustainability funding in two phases:

A request for qualifications (RFQ) phase requires interested agencies to demonstrate they meet eligibility requirements. The RFQ phase will help the city develop a list of pre-qualified organizations that will then be invited to participate in the next phase. The city is accepting RFQ applications until Monday, Feb. 1.

In the request for offers (RFO) phase, the city will invite qualifying organizations to submit a request for offer application. The city will provide more information directly to qualified organizations and will inform applicants of the outcome by Wednesday, June 30.

The revamped community funding framework also includes two additional types of funding streams: community funding and emerging and emergency needs funding.

The community funding stream is divided into three envelopes:

  • One-year funding has the same eligibility criteria and reporting requirements as the past program.
  • Three-year funding for organizations not receiving sustainability funding is a new stream and, if the community need continues when this funding ends, organizations can then apply for sustainability funding, if available.
  • One-time funding for neighbourhood events is a stream previously managed by Recreation, Culture and Facility Services, although there are no changes to eligibility criteria and reporting requirements.

The emerging and emergency needs funding stream is divided into three envelopes:

  • Capital funding, including for enhancements or expansions of facilities, is open to all non-profit social service organizations.
  • Emerging community needs funding is open to non-profits serving priority neighbourhoods, as identified by census data and mapping.
  • Emergency funding is for organizations receiving either sustainability or community funding.

Applications for community and emerging and emergency needs funding will open in early 2022.

The city will transition to this new funding model in 2022 and will provide transition support for community agencies and non-profits that currently receive renewable community funding. There are no changes to funding for agencies receiving renewable funding in 2021.

The city will work on transition plans with organizations currently receiving funding that will be impacted by the new funding framework. Those organizations will be able to apply for up to one year of transition funding.

For more information on city programs and services, visit or call 311 (TTY: 613-580-2401).