CBCM Cheer Boxes back in time for Father’s Day 

CONSTANCE BAY – The Constance Bay Community Market’s (CBCM) very popular Cheer Boxes are coming back, just in time for Father’s Day.

Earlier this spring, in concert with Mother’s Day, the CBCM released Cheer Boxes filled with a wonderful variety of products from our agricultural vendors.  Each box will include raw honey, maple syrup, jam, fresh baked bread, cookies, herbal teas, beeswax wrap, potted herb and seedlings, as well as natural self-care items such as bath soak, salve and mosquito repellent.

Thanks to a $3,300 grant from the City of Ottawa’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs committee the CBCM was able to sell them at $50 each. The first offering of 30 Cheer Boxes sold out in three hours on Mother’s Day weekend in May.

Now, the CBCM is working to create new Cheer Box offerings for Father’s Day and for months to come.

The CBCM is always looking for additional vendors. Vendors are encouraged to apply to express interest in participating by reading the details and completing the form at marketinthebay.com/vendors.

Also, the CBCM is in the process of updating their website with profiles and contact information for each of their vendors. This will provide visitors with an easy way to shop with vendors and arrange for pick up or delivery of your own purchases.

“The CBCM is grateful for the generous sponsorship received from the City of Ottawa’s Support Local initiative which is enabling them to support our local vendors and spread some cheer during this challenging time,” the CBCM board released in a statement.

More details on the latest CBCM Cheer Boxes will be forthcoming, but visit their website here for upcoming news.