Carp seniors carded for Christmas

CARP – The seniors of Carp will have full mailboxes this holiday season.

The Huntley Community Association (HCA) launched a program to make sure the seniors of the West Carleton Seniors Apartments and Carp Commons were honoured this Christmas season. From Dec. 8 to Dec. 19 the HCA collected Christmas cards submitted by the greater community and addressed to the seniors of the two residences.

It was a huge success.

“The HCA is thrilled to announce we have delivered holiday cards, crafts and kids’ artwork to our seniors at the West Carleton Seniors Apartments and to the Carp Commons,” HCA director Amy Baldry released in a statement Monday (Dec. 21). “We had enough to ensure each senior will likely receive three or four each. The cards were plentiful, with warm Merry Christmas greetings, the crafts and decorations were colourful, and the children’s artwork was very sweet.”

HCA volunteers delivered the cards on Monday.

“Thank you very much to everyone, including kids and families, who took the time and effort to prepare these thoughtful greetings to our senior neighbours, some of whom may be feeling quite alone this Christmas,” Baldry said. “This is but the latest example – along with the Christmas basket sponsorship this week and the wonderful Santa Claus parade last weekend – of Carp’s big heart and generous spirit.”