Carp recreation facilities re-open

CARP – The Huntley Community Association (HCA) kicked off summer with some very good news for those looking for something to do outside.

“The City of Ottawa has announced that sports fields, including our fields in Carp, are now open for practice and training use, with a maximum of 10 people at one time,” the HCA released in a statement June 30.

Soccer – Groups of 10 or less may use the fields, however league play is not allowed at this time. 

Baseball – Individuals or small groups (10 or under) can access the ball diamond beside the Mess Hall, on Craig Side Road for informal ball practice.

“We prefer people to stay off the two main diamonds at the fairgrounds as they are under construction at the moment,” the HCA said. “Competitive play and any activity that is likely to result in individuals coming within two metres of each other is not be allowed.”

Splash Pad – The splash pad is open, and the HCA has opened the outdoor hockey rink building to allow access to the washrooms within. Please be sure to maintain physical distancing at all times.

Playgrounds – Playgrounds are still closed. However, benches and picnic tables can now be used. Benches and tables are not cleaned frequently, however, so please wash your hands after using them, and be sure not to touch your face.

Mess Hall – The HCA is waiting to hear from the City of Ottawa as to when the Mess Hall can re-open.

“To allow for physical distancing and to limit the spread of COVID-19, maintain a two-metre distance from others, avoid picking up someone else’s sports equipment, use hand sanitizer regularly and avoid touching your face,” the HCA said.