C Bay spring clean up today to garbage day

CONSTANCE BAY – With all this stay-home time we’re sure you are way ahead on spring cleaning. This week why not get outdoors and help clean up the Bay?

The Constance Buckham’s Bay Community Association (CBBCA) is encouraging residents to take the rest of the week to get outside and give Constance Bay a spring clean-up.

“Spring has sprung and the Bay needs some TLC,” organizer Ruth McKlusky released in a statement. “While it is still safe to go for a walk, please volunteer a few hours and help clean up the Bay before next garbage day.”

Organizers ask you still respect physical distancing during the event which runs from today, April 1 through to the community’s next garbage day on Monday, April 6.

“We need to keep it safe for folks, so I am spreading it out,” McKlusky told West Carleton Online yesterday (March 31). “Due to COVID-19, do this with your immediate family. Practice physical distancing. If you run into someone stay two metres apart. Wear gloves and or a plastic bag over your hand while picking up litter. Use your own garbage bags. Put the filled bags at the end of your laneway for pick up on Monday, April 6.”

Last year organizers weren’t able to hold the event, because the community was underwater. So, it’s doubly important interested participants get out and get the community the cleaning it needs.

“We didn’t do it last year due to the flood, so this is the window to do it before the spring freshet,” McKlusky said.

Organizers recommend participants clean up your property easement along the road.

Be a good neighbor, tackle the seasonal property easement next door. Surprise a senior. Pick up litter on their property easement. Enlist your kids (it can count toward their community service hours). Take on a water access lane. Clean up a Torbolton forest trail.

“Areas that need a lot of attention are the sections without houses on Allbirch, Bishop Davis, Bayview, Constance Bay, Doris Currie and Len Purcell roads,” McKlusky said. “Tell your neighbors about Clean Up the Bay. Post a selfie and or let us know how much trash you collect. Let’s see if we can get 100 participants to fill 100 bags of trash.”