Blessed be the animals of St. Mary’s

DUNROBIN – A celebration of Saint Francis of Assisi was an opportunity for St. Mary’s congregation to bring their fur babies to church and have them blessed.

On Sunday, Sept. 22 St. Mary’s North March Anglican Church on Sixth Line Road hosted its annual Blessing of the Animals service. This service celebrates the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, who is the patron saint of animals.

This year, six dogs and three cats enjoyed the service while other members of the congregation brought photographs of family pets that had passed away recently or were unable to travel.

“The service was led by Rev. Mervyn Dunn,” church volunteer Pam Colquhoun told West Carleton Online. “Each animal was brought up individually. Rev. Dunn asked the name of the pet and then blessed each one by name. It was a lovely short service with prayers and readings followed by a blessing of each animal.”

Colquhoum said the pets were more than just active listeners in the service.

“During the final hymn, several of the dogs joined in the singing,” she said. “Following the service, treats for animals and people were available in the hall.”