Bedtime Stories an ensemble effort

CONSTANCE BAY – Next weekend’s Bedtime Stories will be a huge production – but not for parents.

The Rural Route Theatre Company’s (RRTC) spring production of Norm Foster’s Bedtime Stories hits the NorthWind Wireless Fibe Centre stage from April 23 to April 28.

It’s one of the largest productions in RRTC history with 14 actors, three directors and “well over 60 volunteers” to pull these Bedtime Stories together.

Producer Barb O’Dell took some time to talk to West Carleton Online during last Wednesday night’s (April 10) rehearsal.

“It’s incredible what has been put in to pulling this off,” O’Dell said.

The crew has been working on the production for the last three months. It is a series of stories told in six scenes. Each scene takes place in a bedroom of some sort.

The RRTC selection committee chose Bedtime Stories because of its absurd humour.

“It’s risqué,” O’Dell said. “It’s life. It’s humour.”

O’Dell has been with the RRTC for seven years. She started directing small one-act plays and eventually directed the RRTC’s production of Steel Magnolias.

Having a production that has room for three directors, each tackling two scenes, creates an opportunity to grow talent.

“It’s a first,” O’Dell said. “You want to build up a core of good directors.”

Greg Geisler is the executive director, with newcomers Liz Szucs and Cheryl Dalbec tackling the other director positions.

“It’s been very interesting,” Geisler told West Carleton Online. “It gives the show different flavours. Because we have six different scenes, it works well. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s been a challenge too.”

He says, despite the large crew, there’s “a family atmosphere.”

“We’ve been hanging out outside of the play.” Geisler said. “We went to an Escape Room had some barbecues.”

Bedtime Stories is a zany comedy that brings together six funny and touching tales presented as loosely related vignettes, featuring playwright Norm Foster’s signature comedic debacles laced with mild sexual innuendo. A cavalcade of characters with their stories linked by a late-night radio contest, a rock and roll concert, a taxi and a bed.

Each vignette stands alone as a comedic take on the lives, loves and challenges faced by 15 ordinary people and at the same weaves a connection about friendship, romance and the true meaning of love that links the people and the stories in unexpected ways.

For more information on the RRTC and Bedtime Stories, click here.