BayLife gear a C Bay style

CONSTANCE BAY – The Constance Bay Community Market (CBCM) has always encouraged youth to become vendors.

Their Fall Fair on Saturday, Nov. 9 was no different as two area youngsters showed being a business owner has nothing to do with age.

Mackenzie Aldis, a 13-year-old Constance Bay resident, has run her own business for several years now. It has grown and changed in to what it is now – clothing and lifestyle products proudly highlighting the joys of Constance Bay life under the moniker of KenzGear. Her most popular items are her BayLife clothing line. She recently added amenity kits to her line. For $5 you can purchase a kit full of personal hygiene items that work as travel packs or homeowners can have on hand for guests.

“I just kept getting more ideas and people said they wanted them,” Mackenzie said.

Mackenzie, a Stonecrest Elementary School student, started small responding to requests and her business has grown in to a market vendor and online order business.

“I started this company because the Bay is such a great place to live in,” Mackenzie told West Carleton Online about her BayLife line as the CBCM Fall Market was wrapping up for the day. “I think we should be proud to live here.”

Mackenzie’s dad Phil Aldis said the business grew out of an event about four years ago. A group of Constance Bay residents met on the bay’s island to watch the last Tragically Hip concert on television.

Several in attendance really liked the inflatable chair Mackenzie had to watch the concert. She started taking orders that night.

“She wants to raise money for her education,” Phil said.

If you are interested in learning more about Mackenzie’s business or ordering products, you can visit her website here.

Free candy

Huxley Muis set up a booth at the CBCM market as well as part of a Kindness Project for school. Photo by Jake Davies
Huxley Muis set up a booth at the CBCM market as well as part of a Kindness Project for school. Photo by Jake Davies

Less than a business and more of a school project, Huxley Muis was also set up at the CBCM Fall Fair.

The young St. Michael’s Catholic School, Fitzroy Harbour student was giving away free candy and letting the Constance Bay community now how important it is.

Huxley wanted to thank the community for everything they did. With every candy delivered Huxley also gave out a beautiful message reading ‘our community is lucky you’re here.’

While West Carleton Online never says no to free candy, Huxley was surprised by some of the reaction he received.

“It’s harder than you think to give out free candy,” he said.