Baykery hits 1,000 donated meals

CONSTANCE BAY – The Baylicious Baykery hit an incredible milestone this weekend in their long-running effort to make sure seniors and the immune compromised have access to healthy meals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

West Carleton Online spoke with Baykery owner Jeanne Gauthier in June about her work which has been supported in part by the Constance Bay community.

On Saturday, Nov. 14 the Baylicious Baykery announced the food program hit 1,000 free meals delivered.

“Yesterday we hit another milestone,” Gauthier said. “More than 1,000 free comfort meals have been given to date to our seniors and immune compromised since March of this year here in the Bay.”

Gauthier started the program in March following the public health officials’ announcement that people needed to quarantine. Gauthier started preparing scratch meals to donate to those who might have issues getting food during the quarantine.

While Gautier does the cooking and has put in her own money to the program, the Constance Bay community also has stepped up to support the program.

“Our community has continuously donated to help support this program and that’s something we can all be so proud of,” Gauthier said. “Thanks so much to everyone that has helped us continue looking after our most vulnerable in the last eight to nine months. We plan on continuing this for however long it is needed here in the Bay.”