Author’s Voice: Technical and whimsical writing

An author’s voice blooms suddenly, unbidden, active within the writer’s unconscious, until it clamours to be released. (Note: With apologies for tardiness of this month’s column … recovering from surgery.)

Writing Tips

Improve Your Writing – a resource
While researching writing / authors for this month, I came across and their piece titled “7 valuable writing resources to improve your writing (and more)”. This piece includes topics such as “Why Writing Resources Are Useful”, “Get a Grasp of Grammar”, “Improve Your Character Development”, “Boost Your Creativity”.

Featured Carp Creative Writers’ Group / Local Writer: P Durrani

Biography: P. Durrani is a technical writer by day and writer of whimsical fiction by night. With a cacophony of story frames percolating in her mind at any given moment, she is happy and proud to call West Carleton home.
The Dive
“I can do it!” a high-pitched voice exclaimed from the rushes.
A small gray figure trundled out of the weeds and stood before us. He was so small he could have fit in my hand. His long hairless tail twitched as he sniffed intermittently with his wrinkled pink snout.
“I’ve felt that thudding all through the day, into my sleep. Its chased off all of the nice buggies. I didn’t know what to do…I’m going hungry and this is my home. If I can help you get it away – I will.”
Juan looked from the little gray shrew to the jagged hole in the ice.
“Are you sure?” Juan asked.
“Of course! I go diving all of the time!”
“Won’t it be too cold for…for someone…of your size?” Juan asked awkwardly.
The shrew shook its head side to side, its tail starting to jerk rapidly with excitement.
Gary crouched to the ground and looped a string around its right paw.
We stood there and watched as the shrew dug its four claws into the muddy ground and began to shudder. Every little hair on its body slowly raised as continuous shivers rippled from snout to tail. Suddenly he stopped, looked up and gave us a nod, and then jumped into the frigid water, past the shards of broken ice, down into the murky depths seeking that infernal device.

CCWG Events

May 15 6:45 p.m.: Join us when Anne Raina, author, comes to speak with us about her writing and publishing, All writers invited.

CCWG Weekly Meetings: Wednesdays 6:45 – 8 p.m., Carp Branch – Ottawa Public Library. All writers invited.