Author’s Voice: Branding and rebranding

An Author’s Voice blooms suddenly, unbidden, active within the writer’s unconscious, until it clamours into consciousness, demanding to be released.

An author brands themselves through their unique writing voice, style, presence, relatability and genre. In 4/3 – a BabyBoomer Memoir, I spoke at length about the hats and labels we each wear.

In the beginning, our parents chose for us. For instance, I was taught to sparkle on command.  The stage was set for me stating my choices spoke silent volumes about how I saw myself.  How I branded myself would have consequences for my position in the group. How I spoke, dressed, where I went, with whom, where I studied and for what … all and more branded me. And I decided if there was to be any branding of me, I would decide my branding.

When I decided to publish my first book, I bought a publishing contract with an experienced and professional publisher, and Balboa Press was very good to me.

They gave me excellent advice which I weighed against how I wanted myself and my work to look, to speak to readers who were considering my work. I designed my own nom de plume (required by their lawyers for any memoir writing), cover art, interiors, back cover, pages first to last. 

Then off I went, getting my book out there: book launch, articles in newspaper, my website, biz cards, headshot, Facebook page, email account, all these make it as clear as possible who is the author, what is the book all about, why is the book worth the read, and how is it relatable.

Now I am considering a submission to another anthology. In all the submission requirements, the one that stood out was that no nom de plume would be accepted. I decided I would use a combination of my own name and the pen name required by the big publisher’s lawyers. 

And now, after recent health considerations, here I go again, rebranding myself. 

Choosing a name, photo, designing biz cards, updating original website, Facebook, email address and social media presence. So much has changed, been understood, been affected and improved in the last two years. This is an excellent, though daunting, experience. In any job, pausing, reflecting, renovating self is important.

And now I am rebranding my column at West Carleton Online, where I have been an invited guest over the past year. And the Carp Creative Writers’ Group (CCWG) is rebranding itself.  We have passed through the challenges, the dark nights of healing from scary things, and found ourselves back on the path to moving forward to new futures, in our lives, in our writing commitments, in our gatherings, and in my Author’s Voice column.

Thanks and appreciation to Author’s Voice readers and to West Carleton Online.

CCWG meetings 2020

The CCWG will be meeting once a month, last Wednesday each month, January to March, 2020, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. If you are not already a member and wish to attend, please contact Carp Branch – Ottawa Public Library with your intentions.

After that, CCWG will have come to decisions – to continue or not; who will take on leader and coordinator roles, when to meet and how often, in what activities will we involve ourselves. Facebook Group: West Carleton Writers

We have gathered together to share our works, to find a safe space where we can ‘try on’ a piece of our writing, perhaps to request some (encouraging and inspiring) feedback, to bring tips and tidbits for help, and participate in the leadership and organization of our group.

Link to OPL website page for CCWG where is posted our most up to date information: