Arnprior staff release statement on Lamarche bunkie

ARNPRIOR – A small bunkie with neither power or plumbing has become a major talking point in the community of Arnprior.

West Carleton Online covered the early saga of homeless Arnprior man Guy Lamarche and the small bunkie he built in Carp over the winter, before generating enough attention to get it moved to his community of Arnprior.

On Jan. 4 we spoke with Lamarche about the bunkie and his efforts to shine a light on the issue of rural and small town homelessness at his build site in Carp. On Feb. 17 we reported he was given a deadline to remove the bunkie from the Carp property as the land had been sold. On Feb. 23 we reported on the community effort to move the nearly 107 square foot structure to Arnprior (click here to view all stories).

Since the bunkie arrived in Arnprior, it has been the talk of the town. Both sides of the discussion included the positive efforts to help reduce the homeless issue, as well as the concerns others had of a structure with no plumbing and no electricity being used as a residence on a privately owned parking lot.

Many wondered what was the position of the Town of Arnprior’s politicians? Yesterday (March 4), the town issued a statement.

“Arnprior council and staff are working with the Renfrew County and District Health Unit and other community partners to investigate the structure,” staff wrote. “We understand the concerns raised by the public and we take concerns for the health and safety of all residents very seriously. The structure is located on private property and the town is in contact with the owner and individual who is occupying the structure regarding compliance with bylaws and regulations.”